Adult Shotokan Karate Lessons

Regardless of the age group at the Fenland Karate Club, we pride ourselves on giving our students the proper balance of karate and physical fitness training (strength, stamina, agility, coordination, body conditioning, and more). Our adult program is designed to give you everything you would expect from a meaningful exposure to all aspects of martial arts training, as well as the body-improving results of the exercise.

The focus of our karate training is on unpacking the traditions of Shotokan karate; developing a solid understanding of technique; practising accurate implementation against defined body targets; learning how to combine grace, fluidity, speed, and mental peace with hard, focused target-specific karate techniques; and to provide a safe atmosphere and opportunity to increase proficiency through various partnership exchanges/drills.

But there are some common misperceptions that adults often carry about karate. While the obvious answer is that karate teaches you how to “defend yourself”, there are many benefits of studying karate as an adult that are often overlooked.

Stress Relief

Stress relief: We all have things in our life that bring us negative energy! Martial arts training helps people effectively manage stress. The physical fitness and karate exercises can teach you and your body to respond to such pressures in a calm manner, making clear decisions in the face of stress and distraction. In a sense, karate has helped my mental and emotional stamina…and it can help you too!

Appropriate For All Ages

Appropriate for all abilities and ages: In most sports, you have a superstar on a team. Or you only have one player that has the ball at a time! What about the person without the ball? What if you are on the bench because you are not good enough? In karate, it doesn’t matter if you have never taken a martial arts class before, have ever played any sports, or if you are “wise in your years”. Remember, the greatest karate masters were once a white belt beginner! You may not master karate, but everyone who engages in a proper martial arts program will benefit.

No One Is Left Behind

No one is left behind: In our adult karate program, all ability levels and ranks practice together. Though the experience a student has in the dojo is an individual one, and each person is encouraged along their own path, the group/team-like atmosphere means support, increased opportunities for learning and discussion, shared ideas, role-modelling, and positive encouragement. While ability levels may vary for different people, EVERYONE who studies martial arts…wins!

Health Benefits

Health benefits: Martial arts increases your mental acuity, focus, flexibility, balance, blood flow, hand-eye coordination, complex-thinking, strength and power, increases sleep efficiency, and can provide you with life skills that are transferable to every area of life. We use forms and routines, weights, traditional karate training equipment, natural body resistance, applying principles of isometrics and plyometrics to increase speed and power…all within a safe, well-controlled environment. The long-term health benefits of karate are immeasurable. This explains why it is not uncommon to see students practising well into their 70’s or 80’s!